Emseal is a durable innovative water-tight material used for sealing and bridging small and large building component and structural joints in foundations, decks, walls and floors. The system offers a selection of the industry's finest sealants and expansion joint products for all structural and architectural applications. The system is designed for moveable joints, ideal in earthquake zones. Emseal is a first in fire-rated, water-tight, multi purpose joint seals.

It is made of silicone and impregnated foam hybrid components that ensure watertightness, sound absorbtion and vibration dampening.  The seismic joint system is constructed from 2 horizontal joints pre-assembled in parallel adjacent to a heavy duty extruded aluminum spline.  The spline acts as a recptor for attaching the surface-mounted traffic plates that bear vehicle and other loads.  The result is a system that offers features and benefits not found in alternative products intended for large horizontal structural joint gaps.

Some of The Systems Includes:

  • Colourseal waterproof expandable foam
  • Emshield for fire rated seals up to 2-3 hours
  • Seismic Colourseal designed for sound attenuation
  • 20H System primary seal for exterior vertical below grade walls for installation from the positive side
  • DSM System is for traffic durable, joint face adhered pre-compressed primary seal
  • Submerseal for watertight expansion joint for continuous immersion in water environments including swimming pools, water tanks, water features etc ...
  • Chemseal for joints and seams occurring in waste water tanks, chlorinated water reservoirs, industrial testing tanks or where chemical contact may occur
  • DSF System for contact with drinking water and indirect contact with food    
  • Quiet Joint designed for sound, draft, heat, cold and dust blocking acoustic joint filler for interior non-moving joints and gaps